Amelie Mae Liquid Perfume

unnamed.jpgSeptember 2016 saw a very exclusive launch of the new Gorilla Volume 4 Perfumes. After hearing what all of the different fragrances, Amelie Mae was definitely one of the perfumes I had to try. It took me a while but I managed to bag myself a bottle of the perfume at the start of this year and couldn’t wait to smell it.

One of the best things about Lush perfumes is that they all have stories. I am not 100% on the story behind Amelie Mae but I believe it is based on one Simon Constantine’s daughters. This means that both Imogen Rose and Amelie Mae have similar stories.

After smelling the first spray of the perfume, I realised that the scent was similar to Rose Jam. Whilst Rose Jam is a very sticky sweet rose scent, Amelie Mae is a lot lighter and fresher on the skin. It is not as sweet as Rose Jam which I like because sometimes Rose Jam can be quite intense.

Now that Imogen Rose is no longer part of the main line, Amelie Mae fits in really well. To me, Amelie Mae is like a modernised version of the classic rose scent. By adding fruitier layers, the perfume is a lot more youthful than the aforementioned perfume.

Overall I am a massive fan of Amelie and turn to it more often than many of my other perfumes. I can’t wait to see what products Lush bring out in this scent next.



Amelie Mae Liquid Perfume

One Eskimo Bubble Bar

IMG_2764.jpgWith the recent launch of the new jelly bombs and other products, One Eskimo Bubble Bar became available in select stores across the country. We had seen an image on Instagram a few months prior to its release but we were given no information on the what the product was. However, when it launched, many people were disappointed to see that the product would not be available online. It was one of the only new products that I really wanted so it was a shame for it not to be available.

One Eskimo bubble bar is named after one of the musicians that Lush sells the vinyl and CDs of. This is why the product is limited to the stores that sell the CDs. This is why I had to journey to London just to give these guys a sniff. Sharing their scent with the Christingle Body Conditioner, One Eskimo has a strong mint aroma that is very fresh and great for hot weather. This bubble bar contains lots of spearmint and peppermint to create the scent.

I used roughly half of the bubble bar when I used it and I found that this was enough to create plenty of bubbles. The water was turned into a lovely blue similar to the colour the Frozen Bath Bomb creates. In the water, the smell remained strong and it also made my skin feel slightly cold due to the peppermint oil.

Overall, my experience with One Eskimo Bubble Bar was extremely positive and I would recommend it to you all if you can get your hands on one. I only wish that this product was either online or in all stores because more people need to get the chance to try it!!

One Eskimo Bubble Bar

Once Upon a Time Body Lotion

IMG_3120.jpgAfter seeing the bath bomb displays at the Creative Showcase, I was saddened to see that the So White Bath Bomb was not back this year. As it is one of my favourite bath bombs that Lush have ever released, I was a little disappointed. However, I quickly discovered this beauty! Once Upon a Time is a new product to the Christmas range this year. After giving this lotion a sniff at the showcase, I knew I had to own a pot.

The So White scent is one of Lush’s most delicate, containing apple, lemon, and lime, this product has a lovely light, crisp and fruity fragrance. As the scent is so fresh it would be perfect for the winter or the summer! Also, the lotion has a light green tint which, I believe, is supposed to replicate the colour of an apple.

Compared to some of Lush’s lotions, Once Upon a Time is a lot thicker. You can turn the pot upside down and the product will not move. This is perfect for winter because it means the lotion is extremely moisturising. Once you apply the lotion to your skin, you need to wait a few minutes for the lotion to sink into your skin fully but once it has done this your skin feels extremely nourished! On the skin, the scent comes to life! The sweeter notes of the fragrance come out leaving you smelling good enough to eat.

Overall, Once Upon a Time is possibly my new favourite body lotion from Lush, whilst nothing can replace the So White Bath Bomb, this has done a pretty good job!

Once Upon a Time Body Lotion

Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 15.54.36.png

The Creative Showcase saw the launch of many new ‘naked’ products including the infamous naked shower gels and the intriguing solid liquid soap. Another product that launched was the new sparkle jars. At the showcase, Twilight Sparkle Jar and Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar were available and they were met with positivity. This is possibly one of Lush’s best inventions in recent history.

At the event, I tried the Snow Fairy version and was pretty amazed. The product is made of a massage bar ‘box’ with dusting powder inside. You pop the two divets in the top to allow the powder to come out. This way the packaging can also be used to moisturise the skin. A member of staff at the showcase kindly gave me a demo. He glided the massage bar part over my skin to moisturise and the tipped a small amount of the powder on top to remove the oily feel. The powder itself was full of lustre so I was sparkling like a disco ball.

Whilst I was sceptical of some of the naked products, the sparkle jars are amazing! The snow fairy sparkle jar left my skin feeling lovely and soft whilst the dusting powder on top was stunning in the way it sparkled. I also found the Snow Fairy scent really pleasant in this format! It wasn’t as strong as the shower gel but it was still lovely and sweet!

Overall I can’t wait for Lush to bring out more of these Sparkle Jars as they were a great success for me. When I pick up the Twilight Sparkle Jar I’ll be sure to review that as I think that will also be amazing!

Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar

Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner


Before I was a fan of Lush I heard about certain products on YouTube which made me want to go into my local store and buy some products. Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner is one of these products. I had heard about how amazing this product smelt and how moisturising it was but once 2016 mother’s day rolled around I was saddened to see that it wasn’t being released. Therefore I had to wait a year for the Lush Kitchen to release it. When this product arrived I was not disappointed!

When you take off the lid, the potent scent of strawberries and cream hits your nose. The scent is so rich and sweet it makes you want to it like it is some kind of dessert. Yummy Mummy contains orange, geranium and tonka which makes a creamy and vanillary fragrance with layers of fruity goodness rolling through it.

This product glides onto the skin really smooth and a little goes a long way. Once you rinse off in the shower, your skin is left feeling baby smooth and still smelling sweet. This is a great product to use after washing with Yummy Mummy Shower Cream as they both share the delicious strawberry scent.

Overall, I really love this product and it was definitely worth the wait to get it! The scent is as good, if not better than the shower cream of the same name and it leaves your skin incredibly moisturised.

Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner

Buck’s Fizz Body Conditioner

IMG_3118.jpgRecently I have become enamoured by Lush body conditioners. I can get quite dry skin so these products are both effective and convenient as you use them in the shower. This is why I was excited when I saw this product leak only about a month ago. From just the name, I thought that it sounds like something I would love.

The name Buck’s Fizz made me think of the Celebrate scent that Lush has created many products in. That scent reminds of the popular British drink comprised of champagne and orange juice. Buck’s Fizz Body Conditioner is a great replica of the scent even though many of the ingredients aren’t part of the classic scent. The body conditioner contains pink grapefruit decoction, orange blossom water, Kalahari melon, orange oil and cognac oil just to name some. The combination of these ingredients creates a spritzy orange and grape scent that is slightly boozy with the addition of cognac.

In the pot, Buck’s Fizz is a bright orange colour and has a fairly thick consistency. I would say that it isn’t as thick as other body conditioners like Christingle however when in use this is not an issue. As this is slightly looser, it meant that the lotion glided over my skin really nicely and coated my body without needing to use too much. Once I rinsed this off my skin was left feeling incredibly soft and nourished whilst still smelling bright and zesty!

In conclusion, Buck’s Fizz is becoming one of my favourite body conditioners and I can’t wait to use this product again in the future.

Buck’s Fizz Body Conditioner

Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream


After seeing all of the Christmas shower products this year, this was definitely a stand out for me. I loved the neon red colour and the description so when I managed to get my hands on it as the Creative Showcase this year I was very happy.

Sharing its scent with the Santa Baby Lip Scrub/Lip Tint, this shower cream has a really nice sweet cola scent. Inside coffee, cinnamon, lime and aniseed create this rich and creamy scent. The most dominant scents in the product are the lime, which adds sweetness, and the cinnamon which takes the scent to the next level with a layer of spiciness!

In the bottle, Santa’s Christmas is a gorgeous glossy red colour that looks stunning against some of the duller shower gels Lush have released. When you squeeze out some of the cream, it comes out really thick and looks almost like paint in your hand. However, when you start to lather it up, the cream doesn’t lather up very much but leaves a thin layer of the colour on top of the skin until you rinse off. It looks as if it could stain your skin, however, I did not have an issue.

Once I had dried off after my first shower with this product I couldn’t really detect the scent on my skin which is a shame because I loved the scent of this product!

Overall I was slightly disappointed with this product, whilst the scent was lovely, the product didn’t compare to some of the other gels and creams that Lush has released in the past.

Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream